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News Updates

5-15-2007 Notice of Hearings

The Office of Charitable Gaming will hold two public hearings to address the newly proposed regulations.  The first hearing is scheduled for 10:00 am on Tuesday, May 22 at the Office of Charitable Gaming, 132 Brighton Park Boulevard, Frankfort, KY  40601.


Because of the primary election on that day, the OCG has offered a second hearing on Thursday, May 24 at 10:00 in the same location.  All interested attendees are encouraged to call ahead to ensure ample seating.  Please call 1-800-729-5672. 

If you wish to speak, you will be given an opportunity to do so.  A transcript will be available only by written request.  If you do not wish to speak, you may submit written comments to the address given up until May 31.  Leah Cooper Boggs is the contact person.


4-09-2007 HB156 Signed By Governor Fletcher

On Thursday, April 5, Governor Fletcher signed HB156 into law.  It will become effective July 1, 2007. 


3-28-2007 Legislative Update

Great news:  HB 156 - a combination of HB156, HB180, and SB 212 passed the legislature on Tuesday.

 Here is a link to the actual language.


Ron Morris, the KCGA Executive director worked on this project throughout the session.   The Catholic Conference and the Joint Veterans organizations also supported the three bills.


The resulting bill, which will become law upon the Governor’s signature; does the following:


- Allows exempt organizations with proceeds under $200,000 annually (that do not game weekly) to report only once a year.


- Adds definition of “willful” to violations for the purpose of enforcement.


- Requires a letter of warning for first offences.


- Requires the OCG to respond to Quarterly report violations in a timely manner.


- Allows the OCG Four years to review and enforce willful violations found in audits.


- Defines how a letter of warning must proceed.  Also, it allows thirty days for response.


- Causes a review of the fees charged by OCG and excess over enforcement needs must be carried forward into the next year.  On the odd years the OCG shall recalculate the fees against the excess and uses a lower rate for enforcement.


- New authority is given to the Advisory Commission.  The Veterans,

Firefighters and the Catholic Conference have a guaranteed position on the commission.  The Advisory Commission shall review all proposed regulations before they go to the legislature for approval.  The Advisory Commission may call itself into session.  


- A Charity that meets all other legal standards may hold a charity fundraising event, including special charity fundraising events in a county other than that in which the organization’s office or place of business is located.  For raffles, the organization must notify the OCG.


- Date, Location, and Time Change:  The request by a charity may be made by mail, electronic mail, or facsimile transmission and shall submit a lease and an original signature of an officer.  The office shall process this request and issue or deny a license within ten days.


- Allows a fundraising event at statewide conventions by licensed charitable gaming organizations.



Mr. Morris adds:  "All of the changes in the law were made to assist the Charities in their conduct of gaming and their compliance with all state laws.  This year’s efforts served to educate legislators to the problems in our industry and to provide reasonable solutions for them.  We believe we have laid the foundations for further improvements next year.  We also enjoyed a joint effort by the leading organizations in Charitable Gaming."



3-7-2007 - Legislative Report

From our Executive Director’s annual report:  The staff of the Kentucky Charitable Gaming Association has been in Frankfort working with the Legislature to protect and further the interests of our members during the 2007 Session of the Kentucky Legislature.


Our Association attempted to have legislation introduced which would improve the reporting process for session reports and for quarterly reports.  In addition, it would have given all charities an opportunity to increase their number of players. We had proposed electronic pull-tabs and electronic statewide bingo games.  


We were not able to get the legislation introduced because Representative Larry Clark did not like the legislation.  He did not want it heard by committee or the legislature.  However, Rep. Clark did introduce a Casino gaming bill (House Bill 546) which would authorize gambling at horse racing tracks and casinos.


There are presently three bills, which have been introduced and are making their way through the process.


HB 156   The bill requires the OCG to send a letter of correction on the first offense instead of issuing a fine.  It further requires prompt responses to charities by the OCG.

It has cleared the House and entered the Senate.


HB 180   The bill allows charities, which have statewide meetings (conventions) to move their license to that location for the use of their members during that meeting.  In addition lit places one member of the military organization on the OCG advisory commission.

It is now on House Calendar awaiting vote.


SB212    The bill gives the OCG Advisory Commission certain responsibilities of oversight.  This pertains to future regulations and certain other activities.

It is now in House Rules Committee.


These bills were all introduced to assist Charities across the state.    If you agree please contact your legislator to request he/she vote for them.


The Charitable Gaming Association and its Jefferson County members are in court fighting for the rights of Charities to have accommodations for smokers as well as none smokers.  This effort will take some time.  If you have an interest in this battle please contact our office.


Over the last several months, your staff has worked with a number of its members to assist them with regulation compliance and with questions on licensing.  We are happy to be of service to our members.

Follow this link to find your Rep or Senator by county.

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